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Flights shortage: Air Peace pledges to end travellers’ woes

Following reports of flights shortage on the domestic routes, Air Peace on Thursday assured air passengers facing flight difficulties that their woes would soon be over.
It urged members of the flying public not to panic over the shortage of scheduled flights, assuring that it would soon deploy more aircraft to service destinations currently experiencing air travel difficulties.
Air Peace Corporate Communications Manager, Mr. Chris Iwarah, said the carrier was concerned about reports of shortage of scheduled flights across the country and was ready to do everything within its capacity to ease the pain of travellers.
The airline also confirmed that it reviewed its flight schedule downward on account of five of its aircraft it pulled out of service and sent abroad for comprehensive check (C-check).
It assured that most of the aircraft sent for checks would start returning from Sunday which would enable the airline schedule more flights.
Iwarah said, “In the last few weeks, we have been inundated with demands for flights by members of the flying public who wish to travel but could not secure seats as almost all our flights on major domestic routes are fully booked”.
According him, a check on the airline’s reservation platform “indicates that almost all our flights are fully booked till the end of the year”.
He however added that arrangement had been made to cater for passenger surge during the yuletide.
“A lot of flights would be scheduled from around December 17, 2018 to seamlessly take those travelling for Christmas and the New Year to their destinations.
“We will do everything within our capacity to rise to the challenge of air travel currently facing our nation and deliver exceptional service that is sure to leave the flying public truly comfortable, proud and satisfied,” the airline assured.

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