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Herdsmen, Not Terrorist Sighted In Sokoto – Police

The Sokoto state Police Command has officially debunked stories of sighting foreign terrorist within the fringes of Tangaza local government.
The Police yesterday, in their situation report, said those sighted around Gudu and Tangaza local government areas of the state were simply herdsmen who are suspected to be Malians.
According to the report, the herdsmen have been coming to that area for a very long time with fewer herds until now that they came with large herds of cattle.
“The news of the presence of herdsmen suspected to be Malians and armed known as Lakurawa, have been making the rounds lately. They were sighted around Makare Forest in Gudu local government area and Wassaniya, Tunigara, Maliava, Jina -Jinai villages in Tangaza local government area, both of Sokoto State.
“The herdsmen are light skinned in complexion, speak Arabic and Fulfulde languages and are with large herds of cattle numbering about three thousand (3000) apparently looking for greener pastures.”
Sokoto Police said the herdsmen were believed to have come to the place because of the presence of water for their animals.
They also said that their investigation revealed that the herdsmen are annual visitors to their area, adding however, that, the villagers became apprehensive this time because of the activities of armed bandits in neighbouring Zamfara State.
“The situation of the place remains calm and no ugly incident has been recorded since the sighting of these herdsmen. We have engaged the traditional and religious authorities of the area through collaboration.”
Police also noted that the herdsmen have started leaving as well

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