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Lagos govt vows to deal with LASTMA officials’ attackers

The Lagos State Government has warned the residents of Oshodi-Isolo to desist from the reported attacks on officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), saying appropriate sanctions are being lined up for anyone caught in the act henceforth.
This is following the killing of about 18 LASTMA officers in various incidents this year alone.
Consequently, the Lagos State Government, on Thursday vowed to deal ruthlessly with any motorist or individual caught henceforth attacking officers of the agency.
The government said killing of LASTMA officers and permanent incapacitation of others would no longer be tolerated as government would not fold its hand and allow its officers to be killed and dehumanized by the public.
The agency had claimed that many of its officers were being attacked by the hoodlums at Oshodi and other parts of the state.
Commissioner for Transportation, Ladi Lawanson, at a forum, appealed to the motoring public that LASTMA was created and empowered by law to ‘control and manage vehicular traffic flow in the state.’
He said, “One is, therefore, at a loss as to why our officers and men employed to safeguard members of the public are always attacked by the same members of the public whose interest they are promoting and protecting.
“For instance, we have, this year alone, lost 18 officers in various, incidents while 24 others are permanently incapacitated due to hit and run accidents and violent attacks.
“Members of the public should realize that these officers are parents, uncles, sisters, brothers, nieces and indeed children of other people. The officer cadre of LASTMA is peopled by highly educated and dedicated men and women who should not be seen as never-do-wells because they control traffic and are in uniform. They are not only well trained but are prepared as leaders who can rise to the very top of the Agency and head same with time.
“For the avoidance of doubts therefore, we would like to reiterate that going forward, we will not tolerate the slightest attack on any of our officers and men. We shall henceforth apply the full weight of the relevant extant law on culprits in this regard.”

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