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Abba Yusuf reproves on Ganduje’s making of the new emirates in Kano

Abba Yusuf, the governorship of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kano State, has said he will dismantle the four new emirates made by Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje if he is declared winner at the Tribunal.
Speaking during at Iftar congregation with members of various associations in the transportation sector, Yusuf described the governor’s action as misplaced priority, and also, warned that enemies of the state are determined to make more liabilities in order to squander public treasury.
He said:

At "a time when our major concerns in Kano state were centered around upgrading critical infrastructures such as schools and hospitals to accelerate rapid development, the enemies of the state are also at work. We learnt that governor Ganduje plans to spend hundreds of millions of naira to build palaces and purchase royal cars for the newly-crowned emirs, at the expense of the common citizens, who can’t afford to pay the school fees of their children.
“We want to clearly draw the attention of the governor that these are misplaced priorities for a state with over three million out- of-school children, about four million unemployed youth and millions of almajirai roaming our streets to beg for food without a comfortable shelter” he stated.
“We are lucky; a High Court sitting in Kano has declared the creation of new emirates null and void, and we want to assure the good people of Kano that history will repeat itself, as soon as we emerge victorious at the Tribunal. Our unity as a people remains of utmost concern; we will not allow our cultural heritage built over a thousand years to be destroyed.”

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