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Saraki asks help to get handover notes ready

Abubakar Bukola, the Senate President of the 8th National Assembly, has given an order to his legislative aides to prepare their handover notes.
Saraki in the memo said ordered the aides to have a comprehensive reports of their mandates and assignments.
The memo read:
“You are aware that the life of the 8th Senate will terminate in June, 2019 after inauguration of the 9th Senate.”
“The 9th Senate will benefit from a comprehensive document detailing records of our individual mandates and assignments, major activities undertaken as well as advise on consolidating achievements of the Office of the President of the 8th Senate, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki.”
“You will please therefore prepare brief handover notes that should include the following: name, rank/designation, basic responsibilities, key achievements under your mandate/responsibilities, assignments you are currently engaged in, any other matter you may wish to place on record that will assist the new 

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